GRANITE CARE : AKEMI Stain Repellent

AKEMI Stain Repellent is a ready to use anti-stain impregnation fluid. The impregnator is absorbed by the stone and penetrates deep into it. The result of the stone absorbing the impregnator is that it is more resistant to wear and tear. It is similar to a sealer but is absorbed into the stone rather than creating a film on top of the stone.
AKEMI stone cleaner is ideal for use on polished or rough surfaces of granite, marble, lime-stone, slate and similar materials. When stain repellent is applied it will give stone the following properties:
  • Reduction of water and dirt absorption during periods of moisture
  • Oil and grease repellent effect
  • Low adhesion of colours (anti graffiti effect)
  • Maintenance of breathing properties because there is no surface layer
  • Resistance to UV radiation

1 Litre of AKEMI Stain Repellent will impregnate around 13sqm of granite.